Metastate has ceased its activities on the 31st of January 2021. This website is maintained for archival purposes, but will not be updated.

Protocol Upgrades

Features under R&D

See features under exploration. In collaboration with Nomadic Labs & others



Adding support for the pairing-equipped BLS12-381 elliptic curve.

Enhancing Baking Accounts

Describing two possible design paths for improving the functionality of baker keys.

Stateful Baking Accounts

More details of design path A, formerly referred to as baking keys.

Delegation Toggle

An on-chain feature for bakers to indicate whether they are accepting newly generated delegations

New Michelson Opcodes

New types and Michelson instructions for BLS12-381, SHA3 and KECCAK, more comparable types, and governance data.

Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing (PVSS)

Multi-step process to integrate a PVSS scheme on Tezos for secure randomness generation.


About Metastate

Metastate is a blockchain research and engineering organisation dedicated to bringing novel research from computer science, PLT, and cryptography to bear on hard technical problems of scalability, verifiability, and privacy in order to realise this vision of networks in which users are sovereign.

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